You can invite Dr Houda to come into your organisation and deliver the courses below. Please contact us by email for a quote.

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A-Z Mental Health

This can be delivered as a half day course 3-4 hours with a possible extension to a full day. The course is interactive and suitable for any size group

  • Educate your staff or audience about mental health and how to look after themselves, reducing sickness and increasing productivity and satisfaction
  • Mental Wellbeing: Learn methods of looking after our mental health when we are well and to prevent illness using sound psychological principles including mindfulness, CBT, meditations, affirmations, art therapy, journaling etc
  • Learn quick fix methods for dealing with acute mental distress and aborting panic attacks, acute stress or intense heated emotions such as anger.
  • Learn the long term sustainable skills in dealing with chronic mental distress such as anxiety, depression and chronic stress
  • Learn to recognise the early signs of mental illness in yourself and others
  • Treatment options available on the NHS and private sector for mental health
  • Some practical exercises for mental wellbeing using the sound psychological principles described above.

The extension to a full day session would be a demonstration and interactive session with the audience using practical exercises you can do at home for mental wellbeing. We utilise sound psychological methods such as mindfulness, CBT, meditations, affirmations, art therapy, journaling etc and provide a tool for every emotions such as acute stress, anger, anxiety, panic attack, sadness, a coping mechanism, interpersonal conflict, learning to say no and setting boundaries.


A-Z Women’s health - City Girl course:


This course is a 3-4 hours, first of its kind dedicated for a female audience. It is delivered by Dr Houda, in person and utilising language targeted at a lay educated female audience. If your organisation would like to recognise its female talent and treat them to a course that shows them how best to look after themselves. Women of working age often look after everyone else, with looking after themselves often becoming a secondary role. Let your organisation be the one that gives back to women of working age. Because you know what they say, anything you give a woman she will multiply!

This course is a half-day and includes the following topics

  1. Womens Health-How is it different form men’s health and what should be our priorities
  2. Hormones, Cycle and period problems
  3. Fertility and contraception
  4. Beauty by a doctor
  5. Menopause
  6. Womens mental health
  7. Bloating and digestive symptoms
  8. Healthy relationships
  9. Occupational Health-Health at work, desk jobs, shift work, working with VDE-Visual display equipment
  10. Diseases that present differently in women: migraines, liver, thyroid and cardiovascular disease