Weight management

About Weight Management

Why do people lose weight, only to gain it back after a few weeks? Why does yo-yo dieting do more harm than good? Why do some people lose weight easily, while others struggle for years?

Weight management is more complex than an occasional diet or exercise program. What works for some people does little for others, which is why I take a highly personal, individualised approach to weight management.

Quick fixes, like restrictive diets and boot camps, are rarely effective in the long term. I’m all about integrating different medical perspectives to find the root cause of the issue and tailor a weight loss solution that works — not just for now, but for good.

The Dr Houda 360 degree analysis

The Dr Houda 360 degree approach to weight management means considering each of the following perspectives:

The GP’s perspective: First, we will consider whether underlying issues such as thyroid conditions, diabetes or menopause are affecting your ability to lose weight.

The functional medicine perspective: This perspective focuses on issues at the cellular level. It can help identify weight-related issues with metabolism, sleep and more.

The pharmacological perspective: Depending on your needs, I may prescribe anti-obesity drugs, such as Saxenda or Orlistat.

The aesthetic perspective: Cool sculpting, radio frequency and cellulite reduction treatments can improve your confidence and motivation during the weight loss journey.

The psychological perspective: Without understanding the emotional root of excess weight, it can be difficult to stick to a long-term plan. Schema therapy (Psychotherapy modality) can identify the driving force behind weight gain, such as detaching from your emotions or reverting to an angry or abandoned child mode.

Our weight loss solutions

There are two routes to losing weight the Dr Houda way:

  • Standalone consultations: We can book an initial consultation, with as many follow-up appointments as you require.
  • A 6-week weight management program: For an extra layer of accountability and guidance, you can enter a personalised program with support at every step of the way.

Our weight management program

Here’s what you can expect during our 6-week weight management program:

  • A thorough initial consultation to understand your concerns, take your measurements, complete an emotional health assessment and take any relevant blood tests to look for underlying conditions or metabolic issues.
  • A second consultation to discuss the results, understand which psychological position the unwanted weight is coming from and create your personalised plan.
  • A comprehensive 6-week program, tailored to you. Every week, I will:
    • Send you a recipe pack and grocery shopping list for a full week of healthy and delicious meals.
    • Send you personalised tips for staying on track.
    • Phone you to see if you have any questions and to keep you accountable to your goals.
    • Check on your emotional health, including your progress in managing the root cause emotional ‘mode’ we discovered in our initial consultation.
  •  A check-in at the halfway point to take body measurements, BMI and body fat. This meeting gives us the opportunity to recognise your accomplishments so far and tweak the program if necessary.
  • A final consultation to celebrate your success and write a report summarising your hard work, progress and what works best for you.