City Girl

Health assessments

The City Girl HA is the first of its kind, female focused comprehensive health assessment that extends beyond your annual visit to the gynaecologist. It includes in one appointment:

Well Woman check (Breast and pelvis exam +/- cervical screening-smear test)

Beauty consultation for facial harmonisation if you are considering any wrinkle reduction or cosmetic work

Reproductive options consultation, whether your goals are fertility preservation, finding the ideal contraception, menopausal or cycle problems management

Mental and emotional health discussion

Female health focused blood tests for reproduction, hormones, beauty, energy.

Referrals for scans or to specialists when needed.

Female cancers screenings and consideration of the HPV vaccine.

Option to add "Essential bloods" for general health if desired.

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If that is not worth your time or money, we do not know what is! No one else in London is offering a similar health assessment in value or focus. That is because most health assessments are designed with middle aged male executives in mind because that is often the archetype seller and buyer. You might get a well woman check thrown in there, but that is not often the focus of the rest of the assessment. Dr Houda understands that womens' health is more than just a breast exam and smear test.

We are different from men biologically and emotionally. We even experiece some diseases differently. For example, hormone related issues. More frequently, such as migraines and less frequently, such as heart disease in comparison with our male counterparts. If you are a fit and healthy woman in your thirties your money is probably better spent on fertility or hormones testing than on complex cardiac tests. Women no longer need to be a secondary audience in health check ups. That is how the City Girl Health Screening came to exist, designed by a city girl for city girls!