Our Services

Unique and boutique services

These services exclusively designed for Dr Houda 360, were designed for the discerning patient who values their health and wants an efficient premium personalised health service in a luxury setting with great customer experience. You will not find anything similar anywhere esle in London because they are not designed for the masses, big corporations or as a one size fits all or taking into account cost per head. They are also all customisable and flexible to fit your needs and your lifestyle. Have a look below at all the available medical services at our clinic. All can be booked as online video consultations or a face to face appointment at either 9 or 25 Harley Street or as home visits. You deserve quality care as unique as you are, so go ahead and schedule a consultation today.

£180 - Initial appointment (1 hour)
£120 - Follow up (30 min)
£75 - Single problem (15 min)
£85 - Online (30 min)

Contact us with any questions or simply to learn more about our services.

Optimal consultations

60 & 30 min appointments

We offer all GP and functional medicine services including:

  • Consultations utilising skills in General Practice, Functional Medicine and Mental Health
  • Visa medicals
  • Immigration medicals
  • Occupational medicals
  • Travel vaccinations
  • Sporting certificates
  • STD screens
  • Referrals when appropriate for investigations or specialists.
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We treat all age groups. Multiple and complex problems are welcome in the 1 hour appointments. Consultations can take place in Harley Street or at your home or hotel room in London. Alternatively, it can also be a remote online video or telephone consultation.

From £500 for a Health Assessment with blood tests

Optional extras such as STD screenings, scans, etc available. Request a brochure, if you would like to know more!

Health assessments

A bespoke and personal MOT

We offer bespoke, comprehensive and personalised health assessments that take place in 9 & 25 Harley Street in our rooms inside the Phoenix hospital. This allows us to use their onsite laboratory, imaging centres and extensive specialist lists. We also refer to your specialists of choice anywhere else if you prefer.

Our have a range of Health Assessments including:

£400 - 6 week program
£180 - Initial appointment (1 hour)
£120 - Follow up (30 min)
£85 - Online (30 min)
Coaching and counselling

The direction and support you need to overcome stubborn problems

This is a one of a kind service designed by Dr Ounnas and draws from her experience in general practice, functional medicine, in and out patient psychiatry and training with psychologists in schema therapy and emotional health.

The aim is to offer a listening ear as well as help you with practical steps to:

  • Get to the root cause of the problem
  • Provide personalised plans. For example, in the weight loss program, I send weekly recipes and take your measurements including body fat percentage periodically as well as check on you for accountability weekly.
  • Create practical roadmps for health goals that may vary from combating fatigue to overcoming difficult emotions or changing habits.
  • Detangle your thoughts and emotions
  • Make sense of and suggest practical exercises to help with difficult situations
  • Just talk and feel understood
  • Stay on track and achieve your health goals.

Our health assessments

Our health assessments are bespoke, customisable and designed for your unique needs!


City Girl

The City Girl HA is the first of its kind, female focused comprehensive health assessment that extends beyond your annual visit to the gynaecologist. It includes in one appointment:


City Gent

We know men tend to avoid doctors, so we’ve made a single comprehensive assessment to include things you would not normally come see us about such as mental health.


Mental & Emotional Health Assessment

Mental health can be compared to physical health in terms of fitness. In the same way, you may not have an obvious disease but you are not physically fit, you do not need to have clinical depression to seek help for your mental wellbeing.