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Welcome to Dr Houda 360, a complete health and wellbeing platform integrating physical and mental health to help you optimise your health and hence life. Dr Houda 360 was set up by Dr Houda Ounnas who is passionate about integrating all her skills to help you create a healthy, happy and vital life.

We do that through 3 services:

1- Long private GP and functional medicine consultations with the experienced and well respected GP and Functional Medicine physician Dr Houda Ounnas

2- Full private health screenings: Bespoke and specialised for men and women. These are built from scratch with the relevant gender and age group in mind and not a one size fits all.

3- Counselling and coaching programs for stubborn and complex issues. We can coach you to lose weight, kick start a healthy lifestyle, increase energy levels, optimise immunity, overcome anxiety, depression or any mental health issues. A well as many other stubborn issues you might be struggling with.

Our 3 areas of work are preventative health, mental health and women's health. If you’d like to know more see the sections: services and Dr Houda.

We can see you either in clinic in Harley Street, via a digital consultation or on a home visit to your home or hotel room in London.

We look forward to helping you overcome whichever health burden is hindering your progress in life or depriving you from the joys of creating the healthy, happy, vital life you deserve. See you soon in clinic, through a digital consultation or simply by interacting with you here on the blog or on the attached instagram page @dr.houdaounnas



Personalised treatments as unique as you are!

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 30 or 60 minutes discussing health concerns of your choice. GP, Functional Medicine and Mental Health. Multiple and complex problems welcome!


360 comprehensive structured MOT with bloods, scans, wellwoman or wellman  check, Aesthetics, Mental Health and more


6-8 weeks programs for stubborn issues. We can coach and monitor your progress on any health goal. Notably, weight managment, fatigue, immunity and mental and emotional health issues


Let Harley Street quality come to you wherever you are!

Booking your appointment with Dr Houda Ounnas is more simple than ever before. You can come to us, we can come to you or we can meet online. Have a look below at all the available medical services at our clinic. You deserve quality healthcare in a safe and comfortable environment, so go ahead and schedule a consultation today.

Chart & Stethoscope


Alternative times availaible on request for home visits and online consultations if required. We work around you and your commitments.

Harley Street hours:

Mon - Fri: 10am - 7pm
Sat: 10am - 2pm
Sun: Closed

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Use this location if you wish to be seen in person by Dr Houda Ounnas inside the Phoenix hospital in Harley Street. Consulting Dr Houda inside the Phoenix hospital is like buying Tiffanys at Selfridges. You get our brand quality consultations and exclusive Dr Houda 360 medical services (See services page) and the Phoenix hospitals' state of the art on site facilities. These include labs, scans, specialists and the lovely patient co-ordinators who co-ordinate all that for you, so your journey is hassle and stress free.


You can book an online video consultation to suit your lifestyle and at your convenience. All you need is good internet! Call, fill in the enquiry form or email us your preferences and we will book you a telephone or online video consultation as your heart desires. 


We are committed to keeping the London community healthy, citizens and visitors. This service ensures we accomplish that. We can take blood, swabs, urine samples etc during the visit. we can also issue prescriptions, have medications delivered and leave you referral forms for scans or specialists if appropriate. If you prefer for whatever reason to have a home visit to your home or hotel room, then please request those using the query form or the email. The doctor will call you back to arrange the visit at a time convenient for you.




We would prefer if you sent us your request by email.

However, you can also use the enquiry form on here or call us. 

9 & 25 Harley St, Marylebone, London W1G 9QW, UK


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You can see all testimonials on our facebook page with the verified users profiles

Meeting Dr Ounnas was a true blessing to me. The time, patience, empathy and knowledge she invests in her patients is exceptional. Highly recommended!


Dr Houda takes her time and explains everything in detail and really considers and supports your well being. I wish I could have her as a regular GP.


Dr Ounnas is a very empathetic doctor who takes the time to listen to your problems and find a reassuring way of communicating the information to you. She as a woman has a diffrent understanding of womens' feelings and problems. It has been really comofrting to be able to discuss my problems with her.


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