Unique and Boutique Services

These services exclusively designed for One Doc London were designed for the discerning patient who values their health and wants an efficient premium personalised health service in a luxury setting with great customer experience. You will not find anything similar anywhere esle in London because they are not designed for the masses, big corporations or as a one size fits all or taking into account cost per head. They are also all customisable and flexible to fit your needs and your lifestyle. Have a look below at all the available medical services at our clinic. All can be booked as online video consultations or a face to face appointment at either 9 or 25 Harley Street or as home visits. You deserve quality care as unique as you are, so go ahead and schedule a consultation today.


60 & 30 min appointments

We offer all GP services including Visa, immigration and Occupational medicals, travel vaccinations, sporting certificates, STD screens and referrals when appropriate for investigations or specailists. We treat all age groups and multiple and complex problems are welcome in the 1 hour appointments. Consultations can take place in Harley Street, Online or at your home or hotel room. Contact us with any questions or simply to learn more about our services.

 £200: Initial Appointment (1 hour)

 £150: Follow up (30 min)


Bespoke and comprehensive MOT

We offer bespoke, comprehensive and personalised health assessments that take place in 9 & 25 Harley Street in our rooms inside the Phoenix hospital. This allows us to use their onsite laboratory, imaging centres and extensive specialist lists. We also refer to your specialists of choice anywhere else if you prefer. We offer 4 types of health assessments: All 3 essential health assessments offered at the Phoenix, and our signature 3 types of health assessments exclusively designed by Ounnas Medical and delivered by Dr Ounnas. herself. See below for detailed description of what your HA contains.

 From £500 for HA with female health blood tests. Optional extras such as STD screenings, scans, etc availaible. Request a brochure, if you would like to know more!


Talk about it, overcome it and stay on track

This is a one of a kind service designed by a doctor with experience in general practice, in and out of patient psychiatry and training with psychologists in schema therapy and emotional health. The aim is to offer a listening ear as well as help you: 

-Detangle your thoughts and emotions

-Make sense of and deal with difficult situations

-Achieve health goals that may vary from weight loss, to overcoming fatigue, difficult emotions or unwanted behavioural or thoughts patterns.

-Just talk and feel understood 

6 weeks programs from £400


Our health ssessments are bespoke, customizable and designed for your unique needs!


The City Girl HA is the first of its kind, female focused comprehensive health assessment that extends beyond your annual visit to the gynaecologist. It includes in one appointment:

-Well Woman check (Breast and pelvis exam +/- cervical screening-smear test)

-Beauty consultation for facial harmonisation if you are considering any wrinkle reduction or cosmetic work

-Reproductive options consultation, whether your goals are fertility preservation, finding the ideal contraception, menopausal or cylce problems management

-Mental and emotional health discussion

-Female health focused blood tests for reproduction, hormones, beauty, energy.

-Referrals for scans or to specialists when needed.

-Female cancers screenings and consideration of the HPV vaccine.

-Option to add "Essential bloods" for general health if desired.

If that is not worth your time or money, we do not know what is! No one else in London is offering a similar health assessment in value or focus. That is because most health assessments are designed with middle aged male executives in mind because that is often the archetype seller and buyer. You might get a well woman check thrown in there, but that is not often the focus of the rest of the assessment. One Doc London understands that  that women are more than just their reproductive organs. This HA is designed by a city girl for city girls!


Men tend to die earlier than women, mostly of preventable causes. We designed this HA to address most of these preventable causes in one appointment. We know men tend to avoid doctors, so we make it a single comprehensive assessment and we include things you would not normally come see us about such as mental health. The appointment is one hour long, we hope this helps you build a rapport with the doctor whilst talking about cardiovascular health and immunity, so any further conversations are carried out easier with a doctor you have already warmed up to. This is a discrete, confidential and efficient service for the discserning city gent who values all aspects of his health. It includes the following:

-Cardiovascular risk assssment 

-Cardiovascular tests 

-Well Man check (Testicular/Prostate Health depending on age and indications)

-STD screen 

-Blood tests for immunity (Especially given what we know now about possible weaker male immunity against respiratory viruses)

-Mental Health Assessment 

-Referrals to specialists and further investigations if needed.

-Option to add "Essential bloods" for general health if desired.


How is your mental and emotional health ? If the answer is "Meh" You probably need to come see us. Mental health issues affect everyone. Mental health can be compared to physical health in terms of fitness. In the same way, you may not have an obvious disease but you are not physically fit, you do not need to have clinical depression to seek help for your mental wellbeing. Mental health fitness is a spectrum. We might experience or deal with issues differently, but we all experience them. You do not have to be on the edge of a break down to seek help. Mental health issues might present with feeling unfulfilled or difficulties in interpersonal relationships. Sometimes, you cannot put a finger on it, you just know you don't feel great. This is what this unique HA offered exclusively by Ounnas Medical London is here for. It addresses mental health from a 360 degree perspective, looking at different aspects of mental and emotional fitness. In this HA we address:

-Anxiety disorders


-Sleeping disorders

-Possible physical health causes including blood tests if indicated.

-Patterns in thougths, emotions or behaviours that might be self defeating

-Discussion on the different types of therapy and which is more likely to suit you and your circumstances

-Prescription of medications if indicated (We do not prescribe controlled drugs though)

-Trial of a mini-therapy session (experiential work) if you are considering therapy but are skeptical and would like to see how it feels in a short non overwhelming session.

-Referral to a therapist if needed.

You get a comprehensive report of an assessment of your current mental health state and recommendations for improvement or preservation of mental and emotional fitness

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