How can the modern city girl leverage medical advances to preserve her fertility, beauty and health?

If you are considering any of the following:

  • Cosmetic procedure
  • Freezing eggs
  • HRT
  • Epidural or C section
  • Therapy

Then congratulations! You are a modern progressive woman who makes good use of science and medicine to enhance her quality of life and is proactive about her health. Do not let anyone shame or guilt you about that.

This message to all city girls out there. FYI a city girl is a fabulous woman living or working in a major city.

Now, question is are you making full use of modern medicine and leveraging it to preserve your youth, beauty, health or wellbeing? Are you met by resistance from health care professionals or your support network?

We are in 2020! And yet there is so much modern medicine can offer women but is not fully utilised. Sometimes this is due to systems, staff attitudes or personal factors to the women. Often these are related to the surrounding support system. Women are made to feel or looked at as less for seeking any of the above by some non progressive people.

For example, does anyone remember the story of the photographer who refused a photo session to a lady who have both by C- section saying he only took mother and baby photographs for women who went through the trouble of “real birth” ?

Do you sometimes hear comments like “She’s full of Botox, that’s not her real age” or “She goes to therapy” as if this was an unhealthy behaviour? When in reality, it shows that woman to be proactive about her health and is educated enough to understand the value of mental health and invest in herself and her most important asset her health!!

Have you encountered any of these behaviours or attitudes? How did you respond?

In my opinion, modern medicine should thrive to make modern womanhood easier, healthier and happier.

In my City Girl Health Assessment in my clinic in Harley Street, we address all the above (Age and circumstances appropriate of course!)

There is no shame or guilt in any of the above, don’t let anyone rob you of the opportunity to leverage where medicine is at in 2020. My counter argument to people saying things like “But women throughout history did it” is that women throughout history have not had to endure the same challenges we face in 2020. They had their own challenges of course! Different ones! And even if they did, times have changed and what’s the point of scientific discoveries if they remain solely academic?

Smile girl, you are in charge! You have more choices than ever and if you’re still having any doubts, you have my advocacy. Here is an affirmation for you:

You are in 2020, you have rights and you have choices, the above are all modern concepts, the world will eventually catch up!

Stay Healthy and proactive! Dr Houda Ounnas

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