About Fatigue

Can’t remember the last time you woke up feeling refreshed, energetic and ready to take on the day? You’re not alone. In fact, almost every week, someone comes into the clinic complaining of tiredness.

While there are many quick fixes for persistent fatigue — like that third cup of coffee — my approach is all about integrating different medical perspectives to find the root cause and recommend solutions tailored to you.

The Dr Houda 360 degree analysis

The Dr Houda 360 degree approach to health means considering each of the following perspectives:

The GP’s perspective: First, we need to rule out physical ailments. Tiredness is a common symptom of thyroid conditions, diabetes, anaemia, vitamin deficiencies, menopause and many other issues.

The lifestyle perspective: Is your work schedule compromising a good night’s rest? Do you find time to exercise? Do certain foods make you sleepy? Reviewing your sleep pattern, physical activity and diet is essential for finding the root cause of fatigue.

The functional medicine perspective: A growing field of bioenergetics can help identify the causes of low energy at a cellular level. This perspective can identify what’s causing chronic fatigue, sleep deprivation and more.

The mental health perspective: Feeling tired is a common symptom of depression, so considering your mood and mental wellbeing is a vital part of my approach. Schema therapy (Psychotherapy modality) can help us identify if underlying patterns of behaviour, such as having ‘unrelenting standards’, are draining your energy.

Diagnosing what’s causing your fatigue

When you see me for tiredness or fatigue, we’ll get to the root of the problem by:

  • Performing blood tests to detect any underlying conditions or deficiencies.
  • Taking your full medical history, including a 360 degree lifestyle assessment.
  • Completing an emotional health assessment to detect any pervasive patterns in your mood or behaviour that might contribute to fatigue.

Treating fatigue

Your fatigue treatment will be tailored to your health and lifestyle. A personalised roadmap to living fatigue-free could include:

Correcting any medical conditions or deficiencies we diagnosed.
Advising you on what supplements are right for your needs.
Providing lifestyle advice on how to fix sleep patterns, a lack of exercise, or poor diet.
Suggesting therapy if we identify a severe ‘schema’ (Psychotherapy modality) or if you’re simply interested in changing your moods and patterns of behaviour to support your health. I can also provide a roadmap on overcoming difficult schemas, without the need for therapy sessions.

You can book a 360 analysis for fatigue or tiredness as an online video consultation, a face-to-face appointment or even a home visit.