City Girl, Head to Toe! In 2020, healthy is fabulous, glamorous and sexy…

Welcome to the first City Girl post! It always amuses me how womens’ health is often used as an interchangeable word for gynaecology even within the medical profession! In reality we are not our umh female organs lets say… No wonder we tend to associate it with smears, mammograms and all sort of scary things, Yiykes! It does not have to be this way. In fact, that concept is outdated. Modern Well Woman checks still include (and so they should) breast and pelvic exams and the investigations aforementioned if needed. However, that is not all that we are and hence that is not all that they should include. We as modern city girls have come a long way, and our Well Woman checks better catch up with us!

Modern women have far more challenging health concerns related to their womanhood, which expand beyond breast checks and cervical smears. In these series of blog posts, we will address city girls issues from hair health to the plantar fasciitis you might be experiencing due to those lovely high heels! Hey, no judgement from me, I wear them too! Like you, I’m also a city girl living and working in London and enjoying and simultaneously suffering all things womanhood!

Women experience some conditions their male counterparts would never know such as PMS, childbearing and the menopause. Women even respond to some conditions differently such as migraines and other neurological, endocrine and mental health problems. You are allowed to share concerns related to your womanhood with a doctor who will listen. You’re welcome to even come see me about your hair! Hell you actually, must come see me if you have a concern about your hair! we might discover some deficiency caused by a more serious illness or it might be something easily correctable and you no longer need to put up with it.

You might have just experienced or remembered some form of emotional trauma, you might want wrinkle reduction treatment or skin care consultation, you might be worried about your fertility or want to check your egg reserve and consider your options. You might just not like your form of contraception that you’ve always been given. You are allowed to come see me even if the pill delivers the contraceptive effect, but for whatever reason you don’t like it and wish to discuss an alternative. I will never dismiss your concerns, no matter how big or small. If it bothers you, it bothers me! No judgement, no matter your choices…. Smile girl, you’ve found Dr Ounnas at One Doc London!

The One Doc London blog contains 3 sub blogs: City Girl Head to Toe #CGHT, Blue Stethoscope which is dedicated to men’s health and is marked by the eponymous hashtag #Bluestethoscope . Feel free to show it to your boyfriend or husband if you’re interested in keeping him healthy and having him around for longer. The final one is the mental and emotional health section, which we have named C&C standing for coaching and counselling #CandC. You will always know which is which because al posts will start with their category name, as above.