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Ounnas Medical, registered company 12464355 was established by Dr Houda Ounnas who is passionate about high quality care and about leveraging medical knowledge to enhance quality of life. She has noted whilst working in different systems, that not all her skills were fully utilized due to the restrictions of time imposed on consultations. Dr Ounnas felt that most medicine was practised reactively other than proactively. She wanted to do more and bring back that beautiful tradition of "my doctor, my patient" all whilst taking advantage of modern medicine.


We  offer generous 30 or 60 minutes condensed and efficient appointments. We recommend that for a first appointment, you choose a 1 hour or alternatively you come in for a health assessment. After that, it should become easier for follow ups if needed to be 30 min appointments. this is in order to allow us to deliver the promised quality of care. 

In Dr Ounnas' words "I wanted to create a new model of care, where the vast medical knowledge available was leveraged to enhance my patients quality of life. After all, people do not just want to survive, they want to live well. That includes adding life to their years and not just years to their life. it includes vitality, energy, good mental and emotional health, beauty, preservation of physical health and prevention of disease. All of these are currencies of wellbeing and not luxuries that patients should feel guilty about "wasting the doctors time" when seeking. Here we have time to listen to multiple or complex problems and we have the skills to untangle them. I trained long and hard in multiple subspecialties to be able to offer a complete, holistic service that addresses all aspects of a healthy quality of life. I want to create a safe and comfortable space for my patients where their time can be used effectively as their problems get treated form the roots, efficiently and harmoniously."

           Ounnas Creative

The first Progressive Medicine clinic in the UK, Ounnas Medical is on a mission to leverage current medical knowledge to enhance peoples' quality of life. It operates via 2 wings. The clinical wing, that you have been reading about and Ounnas Creative, the non clinical wing which is interested in exploring the interface between medicine and other disiplines notably health economics, politics, sports and the arts.

Ounnas Medical via its non clinical wing, is on a mission to improve peoples lives even when we do not see them as our private patients. How so? Via other activities that reach a higher number of people who might not have the means or the opportunity to see us in London. We engage in speaking gigs, medical writing, providing media expert opinions, teaching junior doctors, coaching at organisational levels, educational events, clinical leadership and policy writing. Our mission is for these activities to create a ripple effect that contributes to enhancing peoples health and quality of life everywhere. 

You could read more about Dr Ounnas on the dedicated section in the website 


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