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Why Us for commissioners, journalists, broadcasters, publishers, media agencies and course directors:

1-Because you want a credible source for your masterpiece. Dr Ounnas has a solid background of knowledge, formal education and degrees to give you high quality content and a matching credibility and charisma to impress your audience.

2-Dr Ounnas is in clinical practice and actually sees patients and hence any information she gives you is practical and in synch with the real world and not just theoretical medical information. This also obviously adds to her credibility as a source as she is a practising doctor.

3-Dr Ounnas has a broad knowledge that stems from medical specialities, people often want to hear about at such as Aesthetic medicine, general practice, occupational health and public health. She ahs the ability to fine tune that knowledge to your audience. She is as happy writing or speaking to a medical audience as to a lay educated or less educated audience, she will go with your guidance on this.

4-Dr Ounnas understands the nature of your professions. She has attended courses at the Royal society of medicine, London and Harvard University on writing and publishing for medics. She also has practical experience from working at the Telegraph and the Discovery channel as well as other media agencies, so she understands and respects the nature of your profession and your need to obtain expert opinions as matter of urgency most of the time as you often are under strict deadlines.

5-Dr Ounnas takes full responsibility for any written or spoken word she supplies you. Even when content is not written by her and is written by a member of the Ounnas Medical team, the clinical content will always be supplied by her and the final piece verified, revised and basically authored by her.

6-Ounnas Medical takes pride in excellence in everything we do, please see more under About Dr Ounnas and Why Us for patients.

7-Dr Ounnas, does this role with passion. Ounnas Medical is a progressive medical company whose mission is to ignite a ripple effect that transforms the world into a happier healthier place. We believe firmly that the media, the policy makers and the medical educators play a major role in making this happen and cultivating a culture of health and happiness as a way of life. We are very grateful for your contribution in expanding that effect. Thank you for choosing us to be a part of your masterpiece. Deep bow of gratitude.

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