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7 reasons why us for patients:

1-Unique skill mix in a One stop clinic for all your general medical needs: We have well integrated skills and knowledge that we have amalgamated from different specialities: General practice, aesthetic medicine, occupational medicine and progressive medicine. That means the diagnostic and treatment processes will stem from such a solid and varied knowledge base and if we cannot find a skill in one medical hat, we will pull one from another. We may also harmoniously mix and match to give you a unique personalized management plan. We expanded our generalism repertoire, so we do generalism very very well.

2-Clinical excellence: Ounnas Medical is based on the principles of holistic high quality care and clinical excellence. That means we only use the best doctors, allied health, laboratories, equipment and products (Aesthetics). We even consult in the best location! So an overall, luxury health experience! We deliver you comprehensive consultations in beautiful clinical settings. Any treatment we recommend you, will be to the latest and best evidence and if it is innovative or non conventional we will advise you of its status. Please have a read of About Dr Ounnas. If you see any other doctors or allied health recommended by Ounnas Medical, you can rest assured they are hand picked for their clinical excellence and communication skills. Which takes us to the next point!

3-We know what’s out there: Dr Ounnas has worked in London in the NHS and private sectors in and out of hours for years and is actively involved with a number of medical societies and educational events. That means from experience and feedback she gets from patients and letters she receives from colleagues she knows who is best to refer to for each case. She also will be able to advise you on what’s available on the NHS, private sector or even internationally.

4-We address your concerns: You can present to us with anything troubling you no matter how big or small. Our attitude is, if it’s a “silly problem” as you may perceive it, we will reassure you that this is the case. If it’s not, we will advise you of what you need to do about it. If you think however, your problem is so complex, we will detangle it for you until we find the root cause. Our unique broad knowledge base, allows us to do so. We will then manage it and explain it well to you, so you leave our clinic with your concern addressed not dismissed.

5-You will not miss out: We deliver you comprehensive multi-dimentional consultations using a fail safe model of care, that we call the Ounnas Matrix which aims not only to help you survive disease but to actually live well, healthily and happily. Please see the relevant blog posts The Ounnas Medical difference, an example and The Ounnas Matrix

6-A very unique aesthetic experience: When you come to see us about facial aesthetics, wrinkle reduction treatments or fillers, you can rest assured that Dr Ounnas is a fully qualified doctor who is constantly updating her knowledge. She is not only fully compliant with aesthetic training standards in the UK, but has also trained at Harvard, Cannes, Dubai and collaborated with Italian plastic surgeon Dr Francesco Lino at the Amalfi coast. This is in order to bring you the best beauty secrets from around the globe! Add to this Dr ounans academic surgical background and published research was acatually on the anatomy of the face! when she was working in head and neck surgery at the Queen Alexandra hospital in Portsmouth. She approaches aesthetics as a combination of art and science. The treatments aim must be to enhance your looks. If she thinks it won’t satisfy such purpose, she will honestly and politely advise you against it or refer you to a Plastics surgeon. She also recognises variations in the face between genders, between ethnicities and also just because every face is different! We do not use the same method in every patient. We study your face and advise amalgamate our findings with your desires. We think there is nothing worse that everyone looking the same, especially with some conventional lip enhancement procedures. Uniqueness is great, do not let a poor procedure steal it from you! Also remember that fillers are not crated equal! Our critical appraisal and research skills allow us to research them to find the safest and most effective ones. We do not compete on price, we compete on quality.


7-Becoming an Ounnas Medical patient is special because….

We understand that Ounnas Medical is a unique, high standards, comprehensive medical practice. We understand that for this reason, we attract ambitious, sometimes discerning clients who value their health and just want more from life, and don’t wish to compromise, settle or live on the margins of life. Dr Ounnas will never question your health ambitions, instead she would encourage you and identify with you, she herself lives a healthy happy lifestyle. So, you have tennis elbow and you still play tennis anyways, fine, you live, we fix! No judgement there! We just give you advice but would never judge you for not following it. We might even help you find a second best management plan as long as you are honest with us!

Dr Ounnas loves to see people like you, who value their health and their time on earth so much that they want to make the most of it. We understand that our clients are often busy people, important people and often might be public figures. We would like to reassure you that all consultations you have with us are strictly confidential. We have chosen our premises at 10 Harley street with you in mind, where there are private doors for entry and exit. If this was not sufficient, then we are also happy to deliver care in the privacy of your home, your office or your hotel room. For these services, we triage the visits and might be accompanied by a trained chaperone at times, depending on the circumstances. In addition, because of the variety of services offered here, no one needs to know you came in to see us for Botolonium toxin injections! After all you could have been here for a health check! I guess another benefit of the wealth of services we offer!

Becoming an Ounnas Medical patient is a special gift that you give yourself, after all you have worked hard enough to be able to afford the healthy happy lifestyle you are enjoying now. Thank you for giving us the opportunity to look after you and be part of your healthy life journey. Thank you for being part of the Ounnas Medical ripple effect, that you have just extended further to transform the world into a happier healthier place. Becoming an Ounnas Medical patient is special because you are! Thank you for being you, Deep bow of gratitude.


Why not us!

We understand that not everything is for everyone. There are 3 types of patients whom we do not feel we are the best fit for:

1-We do not provide reports if we do not have access to full GP records and we do not certify anything that we do not have clear evidence of or that we cannot assess. We would not under any circumstances support illegal or fraudulent activity. Honesty and probity are fundamental pillars to Ounnas Medical.

2-We do not prescribe drugs of potential abuse. If you have such problem, we would of course love to help you. In fact Dr Ounnas has completed a “Brief interventions” course in 2013 to assist patients who have drugs and Alcohol issues. Often these stem from deeper psychological problems. We will assist you with these in discovering the underlying schema and treating it instead. This is in addition to any physical health effects that these addictions cause you, such as digestive or skin problems. We would like to take this opportunity to light a candle for all those young people who have lost their lives due to addictions. If you are reading this and your intention was to come see a private doctor for a script of such drugs, please come and see us when you are ready, so we can help you clear your body and mind of such toxins. Help is available.

3-Please note Ounnas Medical thrives on the happy healthy atmosphere it promotes. We aim to help you cultivate such lifestyle and we believe in doing good and treating everyone with resect and kindness. We expect the same from our patients to build healthy happy working relationships. So, we do NOT feel we are the best fit for patients coming in for a fight, or those with preconceptions or bitterness towards the medical community, happy and successful people, the private sector etc. We do not wish to engage in such futile conversations which will only waste energy. We recognise those behavioural patterns as distractive to the doctor-patient relationship and we would never feed them by satisfying the temporary psychological gain that type of aggressive patient might have been hoping for. This will leave them disappointed, an outcome we do not favourite from our consultations! Hence, we would rather you left that appointment slot for a patient who has made an active choice to be healthy and happy and is coming in to us for assistance with that.









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