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Our Story

Ounnas medical was created out of a number of positive, happy and healthy emotions just like the atmosphere it promotes.

We were created out of passion, inspiration, harmony, empathy and virtue. Ounnas Medical was created with passion for optimum health care at all scales. We were built with empathy for the groups that do not usually get empathy. We have made it our mission to offer them the long due, guilt free TLC. We were inspired by the wonderful city of London and we were built with Londoners in mind. We exist in harmony and balance with all entities that deliver and promote healthcare.

We wish to be a positive addition to London. Through our comprehensive list of clinical services, we want to achieve 3 goals. Firstly, we want to improve the quality of life of our London based patient population. Secondly, we want to reassure tourists and reinforce Londons’ position as a leading global medical city. Finally, we want to contribute to the British economy in this challenging time.

We also hope that through our educational and non clinical services, we would reach the maximum number of people around the world. We believe, many would benefit from the attitudes to health and life that we promote. Our mission is to inspire, educate and empower people and communities to create and sustain a healthy happy lifestyle. The spread of those attitudes, would then create a culture that ignites a ripple effect that transforms the world into a healthier happier place.
Want to know more? Read on please!

Passion: Ounnas Medical was created out of passion for optimum health care. We want to deliver the best possible care, time and money can buy. That is why we eliminated all obstacles to that. Our appointments are long, comprehensive and our doctors are hand picked on quality. We do not compete on access or price and we do not attempt to dominate the market by numbers. We are the quality of care people, the generalists who specialise in you!

In a time, where specialism has become the main standard of care, Ounnas Medical has made a priority to select doctors with a broad range of skills and a broad knowledge base, as well as excellent attitudes towards patients, health and illness. Breadth of knowledge instead of depth, so that none of our patients, would ever present to us and be turned away with an I don’t know, or not our problem, or too complex or uncertain. When you choose Ounnas Medical, we enter into a  partnership in your health illness journey. One of our principles, is that you do not feel alone in your health journey. We want you to feel that you have your own doctor who is passionate about your quality of life. One who gives you the best opportunities, leveraging health to achieve happiness. Any doctor You see on behalf of Ounnas Medical is hand picked, and Dr Ounnas our founder has worked directly with them at some stage.

Inspiration: The uniqueness of London and its citizens have inspired us to be: Ounnas Medical is inspired by the beautiful city of London, its diversity, its beauty, its progressiveness, ambition and outstanding choices and services. We try to mirror that to stay true to the London Spirit. Ounnas Medical was created with positive emotions, we are not frustrated with the current state of health care. If anything, we acknowledge, love and support our Wonderful NHS. It acts as an insurance for all of us and it does the best it can within the resources it has. Dr Ounnas, has worked within that system in different capacities as you might have read elsewhere. However, we also recognise that Londoners are a particular group pf people who are often ambitious, successful and discerning and simply won’t settle for basic safe care. Londoners could go and buy a Mulberry handbag or a Theo Fennel jewellery piece (Note the support for British brands ? FYI) , spend an hour with their chosen lawyer, accountant or beautician but at the moment, cannot have the same in healthcare. We believe that’s where Ounnas Medical comes in. We serve Londoners the care they want and deserve. We believe this way, people are less frustrated with problems that are not sorted out thoroughly enough, quickly enough, personally enough for a time poor, discerning Londoner. We also believe our practice, serves the NHS in that we take that pressure from it, so that particular group of patients expecting more from their doctors, are served by us. This saves the NHS appointments, and the patients frustration.

Harmony: Ounnas Medical exists in harmony with the NHS and other private providers: We support the NHS by seeing tourists. As we know, tourists form an integral part of our wonderful city and economy. Most of whom travel with health insurance and do not need to have their health issues sorted out in an NHS A/E. We also appreciate all other private providers, most of whom are corporate and operate at such large scales, that they offer Londoner great access when the NHS is simply unable to. However, because they do that, they dominate by numbers, and offer a very different service from us. They provide more GP access for Londoners, often at shorter appointments and by any doctor they have available. We are a boutique cabinet that offers longer more comprehensive personalised appointments with a doctor you often come to know and develop a relationship with, bringing back that long lost concept of “my doctor , my patient”. We are progressive and take form modern medicine everything it has to offer, whilst also bringing back some traditions which we feel add value to clinical care such as “my doctor, my patient”  Again this is balance between modernity and good traditions.

Empathy: We empathise and give no guilt, TLC to the groups that don’t usually get it: We care for the not so vulnerable groups, but whose quality of life is not any less important than anybody else’s. Have you ever felt that you are often considered the successful well off, strong one, who should be grateful, you are not in a vulnerable position? and hence probably should not waste a doctors time and leave your spot for the less fortunate? Or wait patiently for your eventual appointment because there are people sicker and more deserving than you? Have you been guilted, shamed or made to feel ungrateful for whatever service you received no matter its quality or standard?

It is true that gratitude is a good a thing and we certainly encourage it at Ounnas Medical. However, we do observe that a lot of health and social care services are arranged to benefit the more vulnerable groups, which we are grateful for. This way, everyone in our society is taken care of . Everyone that is, except perhaps, often the hardest working, seemingly “well people”.

Examples of these, would be girls on contraceptives that are safe enough to do the bare minimum job, but the girls are suffering unacceptable side effects in terms of quality of life. Or sports people who continue to engage in exercise and sustain “self inflicted” problems related to their chosen  recreational activities, or people with “Just IBS” that is not going to kill them, like bowel cancer would, but is incredibly disturbing to their quality of life, or mild to moderate mental illness. Of course that person with anxiety is not in desperate need for services as someone else with Schizophrenia for example, and hence services would always prioritise the latter. However, mental illness in the not so mentally ill, is perhaps increasingly damaging the affected persons relationships, quality of life and life chances.

To any patient who would have identified with any of these examples, we’d say

“My poor patient! I’m sorry you had to endure all this and you have lived until now with your marginalised health problems. I am personally sorry and would like to apologise on behalf of any health care professional who might have unintentionally made you feel your health problem was not a priority, or even worse was trivial or unimportant. I’m sorry if you had at any point, felt rejected or let down by health services anywhere. Whether you become an Ounnas patient or not, I hope this apology would help you begin a healthier life journey, validates your concerns and encourages you to seek help for your important problem, because your quality of life is not any less important that anyone elses”  Dr Houda Ounnas

It is true none of those patients needs the services as much as say the elderly, disabled, or cancer patients would. What they certainly need is an optimal consultation that addresses their health concerns seriously and enables them not just to survive but also to live well!


Ounnas Medical is proudly British truly international: Ounnas Medical strongly supports British values of tolerance, equality and diversity and social justice. We are a small British business, setting up a new model of care, that we hope to grow and spread to many parts of the world. We support anything that represents the interface between health, quality of life and Great. We support the LTA (Lawn Tennis Association), The British Horse Society and the Welcome to Great campaign, as well as of course, the great British NHS as described above. We want to give something back to Britain at this challenging time. We feel we are well placed to deliver a service much needed for the citizens and to contribute even slightly to the economy and the image of Britain internationally, reinforcing its position as an inclusive country that is also a world class leader in health care. We also hope that through our educational and non clinical services, we reach the maximum number of people in the world, who would hopefully, benefit from the attitudes to health and life that we promote. Our mission is to inspire, educate and empower people and communities to create and sustain a healthy happy lifestyle. The spread of those attitudes creates a culture that ignites a ripple effect that transforms the world into a healthier happier place.

From London, Great Britain, to the world with love

The Ounnas Medical Team,

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