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“With you for the journey, come what may, providing you with excellent clinical care, cradle to grave. Bringing back that beautiful concept of “my doctor, my patient”. We treat illness as an opportunity, to find the root cause and what else this might mean for your health. It’s an opportunity to discover your full health picture and to use it to create opportunities to reach your full life health and life potential!” Dr. Houda Ounnas

Family Medicine /General Practice:

We offer all standard GP services including

diagnostics for many acute symptoms such as ear, nose and throat infections, flu, colds, and other illnesses. You can also rely on us to treat all of your chronic care needs such as hypertension, diabetes, elevated cholesterol, and others.

Preventative Care:

We offer a variety of preventative care services such as annual physical exams, male and female health checks, cervical screenings, travel consultations, and immunizations, and wellness exams.

Progressive Medicine:

We believe in the emerging field of progressive medicine, with all that umbrella encompasses preventative medicine, lifestyle medicine and even some skills borrowed from functional and integrative medicine. The aim of progressive medicine is to use the illness and presenting complaint, as an opportunity to discover the root cause of the problem and treat that and any underlying ongoing risk factors to your health. It is also an opportunity to examine your overall health picture and use it to unlock any opportunities for growth, wellness, mental, physical and emotional wellbeing to reach your optimum health and life potential.

We use a proactive approach that aims to optimize your physical, psycho-emotional, and cognitive states. Let us serve you with the skill mix best suited for your condition. This is actually how we approach most medical problems and most of your consultations will be in this style. Unless it’s a straightforward report or a travel consultation where you have no other concern. This is why the first appointment is long so we can get to know eachothers and become partners in your illness journey, bringing back the long lost concept of “ My doctor, My patient”. I sincerely believe every appointment is a meeting of two experts, you in the illness you ae experiencing and us in the disease or condition we would diagnose and treat you for.

Dr Ounnas is a pioneer in this field and is the first female doctor to embrace it in the UK. She has developed her own “Ounnas Matrix model of care” and has spoken about that and about Progressive Primary care in Tokyo, Japan in May 2019. The aim is to have more doctors embrace this field and consulting style, and more patients adopt healthier lifestyles. This in turn has the potential to ignite a ripple effect, allowing more people around the world to be treated with this comprehensive, holistic, 360 degrees approach.

Child Health:

Little angels are always welcome at Ounnas medical, where we service them with all GP services for children varying from immunizations to baby checks to acute illnesses or referrals to pediatricians for chronic or congenital problems. We understand the challenges of having a new baby and hence we offer these services either at our clinic site or at your convenience at home. Dr Ounnas is an experienced GP but has also completed a Pediatric hospital rotation at the Royal Victoria Infirmary in Newcastle as a junior doctor.

Acute illnesses:

so, you woke up today or yesterday with an illness and you need an urgent appointment before it progresses? No problem, call us for an acute illness consultation and return to school or work or your beloved activities asap! This is the bred nd butter of general practice, we certainly should be able to help you!

Chronic diseases:

We know that living with chronic disease can leave with mixed feelings of frustration, uncertainty, hope and fear. However, it’s not as scary or confusing if you have a good doctor and a good plan! That is why we offer you care plans that do not just confirm diagnosis or treat the flare up episodes but aim to empower you to be able to live well with the chronic disease. We agree with you a comprehensive management plan, including as and when needed medications, referrals, monitoring tests and an explanation of what the disease means to you and how to improve the prognosis and prevent deterioration and reduce relapse episodes.

Occupational Health:

We provide Occupational health services to individuals concerned about their health at work or experiencing work-related illnesses as well as to employers and companies wishing to implement anew or review any existing Occupational health programs

Aesthetic Medicine:

Our approach is to help you achieve your beauty goals and set back the clock from inside and out. We offer an array of services and products that enhance your appearance as desired and guided by you. This varies from fillers that restore your natural beauty or enhance your features to anti-wrinkle injections that reduce the appearance of wrinkles and give your face a smoother, younger appearance, to even recommended products and diets aimed to reveal the beauty goddess in you to the world! We also offer hair, nails and skin consultations, where we would diagnose any issues and advise you accordingly.

Womens health

It always amuse me how womens’ health is often used as an interchangeable word for gynaecology even within the medical profession! In reality we are not our umh female organs lets say… Modern women have far more challenging health concerns related to their womanhood, which expand beyond breast checks and cervical smears. Women experience some conditions their male counterparts would never know such as PMS, childbearing and the menopause. Women even respond to some conditions differently such as migraines and other neurological, endocrine and mental health problems. You are allowed to share concerns related to your womanhood with a doctor who will listen. You’re welcome to even come see me about your hair! hell you actually, must come see me if you have a concern about your hair! we might discover some deficiency caused by a more serious illness or it might be something easily correctable and you no longer need to put up with it. You might have just experienced or remembered some form of emotional trauma, you might want wrinkle reduction treatment or skin care consultation, you might be worried about your fertility or want to check your egg reserve and consider your options. you might just not like your form of contraception that you’ve always bene given, you’re allowed to come see me even if the pill delivers the contraceptive effect, but for whatever reason you don’t like it and wish to discuss an alternative. I will never dismiss your concerns, no matter how big or small. If it bothers you, it bothers me! No judgement, no matter your choices…. Smile girl, you’ve found Ounnas Medical

Mens health

Ok so you might be fit and healthy and hardly ever see a doctor unless someone tells you to, however, you might wish to get a cardiovascular health check after age 40 (Cardio vascular disease is more common and unfortunately leads to more fatalities in men) or a masculine health check with or without blood tests at any age (Testicular health from age 20 and prostate from age 50) We also offer STD screens, Zika virus screening, nutrition and stress management and aesthetic consultations for men. The male face needs different considerations when enhancing features or turning back the clock. You probably do not wish to go to a clinic with a one size fits all approach and end up with rejuvenated but feminine features! 

Couples health

We love couples and do offer couples consultations, We will request and discuss discretely your STD screen when the relationship turns serious. We will prevent allergies from ruining your big day. We will prescribe you Malaria pills and vaccines so to prevent tropical diseases form ruining your honeymoon. We will give one or both of you Botox when you age beautifully together, we will counsel you when the relationship gets tough, either individually or as a couple, we will advise you on fertility and manage any investigations or referrals for that, as well as put you on the right step towards realizing your couples health related dreams no matter what these might be.

Travel Consultations:

We offer travel consultations including vaccinations, Malaria prescriptions and conservative management advice.  

Mental health

So, you do not feel well, you know something is not right, but you cannot get the help you require, or you feel guilty seeking help because you are not as unwell as others might be. This is because, mental health services are often organised in such a way that prioritises understandably the more severe mental illnesses such as psychoses, bipolar and schizophrenia. Here we offer mental health care for mild and moderate adult mental health issues. Dr Ounnas our founder has completed a 6 months psychiatry rotation at the Tranwell unit Gateshead as a junior doctor. She has since taken a special interest in mental health and completed both standard training as well as innovative training using more modern methods of dealing with mental health such as schema therapy and the identification of complex trauma. She does not claim to be a psychologist but lets say a GP+ in mental health and she certainly has the confidence to pick on even the subtlest of issues such as unhelpful schemas and would alert you to them and refer you accordingly. Please note we do not prescribe drugs for ADHD or deal with child or Elderly care Psychiatry. We focus on adults of working age.


We can complete Visa medicals, Insurance reports and driving medicals so long as you can provide us a copy of your full GP records.  

Sports teams

Need a doctor to be present at a spots event? or to accompany your sports team either for mandatory checks re events or in case of injuries or illnesses? We love sports events and will be able to work out a package for you. Dr Ounnas our founder is an active sportswoman herself and has had an extensive experience working across urgent care centres in london and Sydney. She also volunteers with the St Johns and Elizabeth ambulance and is a member of the Medical Equestrian Association.

Visitors to London

Welcome to London! It’s a great city, do not let your illness ruin the visit! Come visit us instead and we will sort out your medical need as best as we can, and even if we diagnose a complexity needing a certain speciality or a hospital treatment, we will know where to orientate you for it 

Home visits

We understand that sometimes you might not be able to visit us at our premises, you can request a visit to your domicile, your office or your hotel room. Please note, the doctor will triage the visit and might be accompanied by a trained chaperone.

18-Performace +++

Sometimes there is not anything specifically wrong with you as such, but you might be feeling tired, not well hydrated, weak, not concentrating well at work or in exam preparation or just not performing as best as you wish you could. We can help with that, we would first investigate your symptoms and treat what we find, we can also give you a boost with supplements oral or IV. As we said above, with you for the journey, come what may, bringing back that “My patient, my doctor” long lost concept!

Elderley care

We offer the same clinical services as above to patients of all age groups for acute or chronic conditions. In addition we offer 2 extra services for this age group. The first one is a home visit where we go through their past medical history and current problems, and check all medications and necessary and there are no duplicates and no outstanding clinical needs that might not have been noticed. We will create a clear care plan that they can use to hand over to any carers or members of the health or social care teams visiting as well as if you wished their time poor NHS GP, whom I’m sure will appreciate it. You might wish to gift yourself or your ageing parent a health assessment to keep them well and prevent old age morbidities and disabilities. During this appointment we perform a 360 degrees health check specifically written to address issues related to old age. We also use this opportunity to have difficult conversations such as those relating to advanced care directive, power of attorney, etc.

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