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Non-clinical services

Clinical leadership and Policy writing

We can write up policies and advise commissioning groups and public health authorities anywhere on projects. Dr Ounnas completed a management consulting for Medics course in 2017 by Eureka Medical. Prior to that, she led 2 major projects for the Central London CCG- Clinical Commissioning Group- leading projects on modernising General practice and Ophthalmology services across the city of Westminster, London.


Ounnas Medical can provide services such as Online module writing, classroom teaching, Junior doctor and medical student training. We can do this in the forms of lectures, seminars or clinical supervision. Dr Ounnas herself was formally trained by the Wessex deanery and worked as a clinical skills tutor to second year med students. She also trained at the University of London, in teaching in primary care and is a qualified GP trainer.

Media and Public speaking

We are happy to speak on TV, radio, to the medical community or the public in the forms of workshops, seminars or lectures. Dr Ounnas is a media link doctor and has made Radio and TV appearances, check out “AJWA TV” and “The real deal show”. Trilingual and fluent in English, French and Arabic and willing to work with publishers and journalists anywhere. Dr Ounnas has completed a short course in Journalism at the London School of Journalism and another in writing and publishing for Medics by the University of Harvard in April 2017. She has also in her capacity as a GP supplied Medical services previously to the Daily Telegraph, the Discovery channel as well as other media and creative agencies. Hence, she knows and respects journalists and recognises the hard work they do and the pressure of deadlines they could be under.We would always prioritise Media requests as we know information needs to be relayed sometimes urgently, say if you need an expert speaker to comment on a medical crisis. Even when the work is not urgent, we want to give you plenty of time to do what you need to do with the information we supply you, which we know is only part of the journalistic masterpiece you are working on. We believe your contribution in raising awareness and educating the public about health is an integral part to the ripple effect we wish to create in spreading a culture of healthy and happy lifestyles.

Global health

We would happily advise and contribute to public health campaigns where we believe in the cause. Dr Ounnas is a fellow to the Royal Society of Public Health and is willing to engage in international and local projects. She has previously given advice to Singaporean company GLG. As you have probably read in another section, she was recently invited to talk about Progressive Primary Care and has delivered a lecture on that in Japan, May 2019.


writing and publishing: Dr Ounnas can offer her research, writing and critical appraisal skills to ethical research institutions, pharmaceutical companies, scientific or general publications.  Whether you need us to research the existing medical literature and summarise it in lay terms or you need a book chapter review or the latest research evidence in whatever medical topic, we can help! Dr Ounnas has a strong academic background and has published at the prestigious British Journal of Oral and Maxillofacial surgery. She has both oral and poster presentation skills, demonstrated on multiple occasions and her research was nominated for awards at the Royal College of Surgeons of England and representing the UK at EAONO: European Academy of Otology and Neuro-Otology. She has also completed courses in writing and publishing by the Royal Society of Medicine in London and by Harvard university in Boston.See

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