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-We are not an emergency service, in case of an emergency please attend your closest A/E or ring 999. We do not accept responsibility for any illness or damages arising from failure to obtain medical advice from a doctor whilst waiting for an appointment or a response to one.

-For patients safety purposes, we cannot diagnose or treat any condition online or via any form of social media. The knowledge and information we share is general knowledge aimed to empower and educate the general public and is not a specific advice for specific cases. Every patient is different and we believe in individualized diagnostic processes and personalised treatment plans.

-The make an appointment request section is not read or supervised by a doctor but instead by the admin team.

-The press query section is answered at the earliest possible convenience and passed on to the doctor, as we understand you have a deadline or wish to obtain an expert opinion as a matter of urgency in cases of public health crises or disasters, but again is not for diagnosing or treating medical emergencies in individuals.

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